There's an old saying that says "There's nothing more special than a Mothers Love".  We are saying this sauce is really good and that's what it will remind you of. Properly aged to perfection and is ready to be used right out the bottle. This sauce is made with NO additives or preservatives so remember to refrigerate after opening.

This BBQ sauce is a tangy blend of the sweet and salty and is recommended for Pork or Poultry. Plus, it contains NO additives OR preservatives.

Feel free to meticulously slather this on when the meat is almost done, and certainly after it has been sliced and prepared. Visit our store and add our "SlatherMaster" mop brush for adding those finishing touches.

Refridgerate after opening.....
This sauce is rich, sweet and velvety, with a little zing of heat. “Memphis Style” used to mean vinegar and pepper, and then tomato and brown sugar found their way into the mix. This sauce has a slightly different bite than traditional Kansas City sauces. We have  produced a sauce we think you'll love.
Basters Choice
Sauce & Bean Pot
With Mop
Sauce Mop
Excellent On Beef & Pork !!!
Ingredients: Cider Vinegar, Ketchup, Onions, Garlic, Butter, Molasses, Mustard, Brown Sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, Paprika, Chili Powder, Oregano, Thyme, Sea Salt, and Black Pepper
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"A Mothers Love"
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