Basting is as important as any step in the food preparation business. When you have food on the grill, in the oven, or any other place, basting is the way to get additional flavors into cracks and crevices of the food you're preparing. We have a few tools to help you get it done - the right way !!!!
Basting Pastry Brush With Angled Handle
                                                   CARE INSTRUCTIONS

Utensils with wooden handles are not dishwasher safe; exposure to hot water can cause the wood to warp or splinter. These items should be hand washed and dried thoroughly. For optimal results, use a wood conditioner periodically to prolong the life of the wood.
SlatherMaster Sauce Mop
Sauce Pot With Silicone Baster
Sauce & Bean Pot With Mop
Beechwood Wooden Spoons
Sauce & Bean Pot
Basters Choice
20" Finger Grip
Basting Brush
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"Basting Tools"
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