These 100% natural wood chips work with gas, charcoal, and smoker grills. Compared to other types of wood, these scraps and shavings of wood ignite quickly and burn cleaner than charcoal briquettes. Use wood chips when you want to quickly infuse meats with a smoky flavor or when you want to add some more smoke to your fire.
This 2.5 quart steel bucket is machine washable and ready for service. Use the attached handle for that grip you need after polishing a mess a bones !!! This bucket is machine washable. Made with high grade steel right here in the USA.
Soak two handfuls of wood chips in water for 15 minutes. Remove cooking grid. Stack charcoal in pyramid and light. When charcoal is ashed over, drain chips and scatter over hot coals. Chips will begin to smoke immediately. Replace cooking grid and start grilling.

Add wood smoking chips to the fire next time you cook for additional fantastic flavor. Available in two pound bags available for $4.29 per bag.
Available Today in Mesquite, Hickory, Pecan, Cherry, & Apple Wood !!!!!!!!!
Fire Starter Set - No more Charcoal Lighter Fuel Fumes
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"Wood Smoking Chips"
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