Here's where it all starts. You've got your meat and you're ready to season it up. We offer six individually crafted rubs made with the finest ingredients available. Below are the seasonings we use to make our products. Move your mouse over each spice for additional details.
Black Pepper
Makrut Lime
White Pepper
Sea Salt
Carrot Powder *
Garlic Powder *
Crushed Peppers
Coriander *
Cayenne *
Ginger *
Sage *
Lemon Peel *
Oregano *
Onion Powder *
Mustard Seed *
Basil *
Chili Powder
Tumeric *
Serrano Peppers
Celery *
Bay Leaves *
Cilantro *
Cloves *
Dill Weed *
Red & Green   Bell Peppers
Rosemary *
Rice Flour **
Anyone can throw seasonings in a bowl, but throwing the right amounts of each is more than trial and error. Take a look at our rubs and if you can't decide on which rub, check out our generous sample pack containing one bottle of each.
* Organic Ingredient
Guten Free
Gus's Hand Picked Ingredients
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