Here's where it all starts. You've got your meat and you're ready to season it up. We offer six individually crafted rubs made with the finest ingredients available.

Anyone can throw seasonings in a bowl, but throwing the right amounts of each is more than trial and error. Take a look at our rubs and if you can't decide on which rub, check out our generous sample pack containing one bottle of each.
Black Dynamite
We meticulously blended the seasonings to produce a rub that is clearly different from everything else out there. We like this a lot on fish & shellfish because it's subtle and does not overpower the fish.

Best on Pork, Shellfish & Fish.

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Even this one surprised us. We combined traditional south of the border seasonings and out popped a rub with flavor nobody expected. Warning, it's SPICY and flavorful and use it exclusively when making Taco's.

We like it best on Poultry & Pork.

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This is nowhere related to the drink but is still dangerous. The flavor is not overpowering and brings out the flavor in the meat. Add sage to the max to make pork sausage and you have a real winner.

Great On Meat & Vegetables

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As the name suggests, this blend has quite the kick and is for those who like it hot. It's best to liberally coat the meat with this rub and let it sit overnight. It's not offensively hot and the raw sugar brings a smooth taste.

Great on more than just  meat !!!!

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Hawaiian Express
Asian Delight
Big Thunder
Bent Sombrero
White Lightning
With the arrival of a storm comes crackling from the sky. We've tried to replicate that sensation in your mouth when you bite into meat coated with this rub. You'll almost see stars  with the mild flavor it brings.

Great On Any Meat

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Pacific island cuisine is a blend of many foods brought by travelers to the Islands chains.  This rub is made wiith dehydrated peaches, mango, papaya, pineapple, & oranges and it tastes good !!!

We use it mostly on Pork & Chicken.

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Bing Cherry Rub
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