This pot is metal and holds 16 ounces of your favorite sauce. You can use it to heat beans, melt butter, all the things we haven't thought of while on the grill.
This sturdy sauce and bean pots handles are metal making it dishwasher safe and easy to handle. The pot can be placed directly on the grill and goes straight to the dishwasher for easy cleanup at the end of another successful cook. We bundled this pot with our SlatherMaster sauce mop that's great at getting sauce into hard to reach places.

We use it to simmer our sauces, prepare beans, and blend sauces & seasonings on the grill all while preparing your meal. Need to melt some fresh butter or any other ingredient? This is the pot to do that with.
Make reaching into your smoker less intense with a pair of green oven mitts. These mitts (pair) are flame retardant and are 15 inches in length.
Use this 12 inch mop to get sauce in all the cracks, crevasses, and crevices
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"Sauce & Bean Pot With Mop"
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