Sauces are the beginning, middle, and the end of a good meal. Start off your next meal with a delicious hand crafted sauce made with natural ingredients and NO additives OR preservatives.

Yes, We Sauce !!!

Puling pork, or looking for a wing dipping sauce?
We crafted this sauce using real Peaches, Pineapple, & Mango fruit and it contains a gentle blend of heat and tropical fruit flavors. This is a very good sauce.
There's an old saying that says "There's nothing like a Mothers Love".  We are saying this sauce is really good. Properly aged to perfection and is ready to be used right out the bottle.
"Flaming Fiend" is a sinister sauce that brings a punch and a smile to the party. For those not familiar with mustard based sauces, you will find this truly a treat.
Sauce & Bean Pot
With Mop
This sauce contains a smooth mix of seasonings with a special ingredient (sleinaD kcaJ). This is a good all around sauce for barbecue meats and is great for basting chicken & shellfish kebabs.
As the name suggests, this sauce comes loaded with an outstanding south of the border punch. Made with chilies, peppers, and other Mexican spices.
We combined herbs and spices carefully for a sauce that complements any meat you use this with. There is a very subtle flavor to this sauce all have found extremely pleasing to the pallet. Some call it heavenly.
This is a traditional tomato sauce based BBQ sauce but with Gus's extra ingredients added. This sauce comes with a little pinch you will like. Sorta like that bad old uncle everybody warns you about.
Sauce Mop
"A Mothers Love"
"Aloha Baby"
"Liquid Sunshine"
"Slice Of Heaven"
"Uncle Sugar"
"Hasta La Vista"
"Flaming Fiend"
Asian cultures have always BBQ'd meats. We devised this sauce to compliment that type of cooking. There is a mild sweetness combined with other seasonings.
Basting Tools
"Sweet & Sassy"
This sauce is GOOD !

It's certainly got a sweet side sweet but it also has a SASSY side. It's really good as a dipping sauce for wings and it has been used on pork ribs. But don't let that stop you.

It's versatile and tasty !!
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